The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Dad-O

After foregoing all work travel for more than a year, I got back in the saddle last week, flying off to Seattle with fellow dad-o “Hoot.” The Finnfatha took my absence in stride, but I like this slightly wistful shot of him amidst my travel paraphernalia:

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I still remember chocolate “gold coins” from some trip my folks took. My advice to minimize the emotional scarring: Bring him a little present. I can already hear the audio file from every out-of-town trip; “Bring Finny a ‘sprise?”

I agree with Maria–a little token when they are young like Finn makes all the difference. Patrick and Charlie look forward to those, and now that they are older, we tie behavior to it. If they’re good for me while Dad is away, they’ll maybe get a surprise. Usually they shape up to get it.

So cute! I would probably scare him to death if I ever meet him because I just want to pinch those cheeks! You and Margo make cute babies!

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