Don’t worry, we’re doctors…

I get an unreasonably big kick out of assigning absurd title/surname combos to the boys (e.g. Captain Boogerfiend, General Birdwallis, and so on). “Doctor” works especially well, as featured in examples like:

  • Dr. Dipechek: The guy we call in to check on a dipe (diaper); “Paging Dr. Dipecheck, Dr. Dipecheck come in please, you’re needed in Finny’s pants…”
  • Dr. Neutron McCrazypants: Finn in hyperkinetic mode after getting hopped up on horchata
  • Dr. Pebblewetter: Finn spraying down the gravel next to the driveway

…and so on.

Turnabout’s fair play, of course: Finn spotted me putting on a pair of unbelted shorts the other day and immediately said, “Dad-O’s ‘Dr. Pants-Fall-Down.'”

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