Flour Power!

Dad-o and Finny were feeling adventurous–and hungry–yesterday, so they decided that some chocolate-chip cookie-making was in order. You’ll notice in the gallery (HTML) that Finny’s got his helmet on, just like the “little dudes” in one of his favorite books, Who Made This Cake by Chihiro Nakagawa.

In the book, a squadron of teeny tiny construction workers are employed to make a birthday cake. Donning their helmets, they set off with their dump trucks, bulldozers, cranes, helicopters, and semaphore flags to complete the mission. While not as tiny as the dudes in the book, our small construction worker had a blast with the measuring cups, spoons, and stand mixer. Dad-o, as general contractor, ensured that all the ingredients were accounted for, and I, acting as quality control, made sure that the cookies actually got baked and were suitable for consumption. Vacuuming Finny seemed like the easiest way to get him de-floured, and he seemed to enjoy the little brush.

Later in the afternoon, I fired up my new Weber kettle (thanks John!) and we had a Nack family cookout–corn on the cob, steak, fish, and pork chops. There’s nothing better than a warm Saturday, good barbecue, and goofando in the backyard. Except for topping it all off with cookies!

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