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We've been hard at work upgrading our unfinished basement, with the goal of turning it into a super-fun rainy-day playground for the guys. We bought some big cardboard blocks that are good for building into towers and smashing into with a Big Wheel (or just a toddler running full-steam into them), and we've got all the Thomas train tracks set up.

The most exciting addition is the inflatable "Jump-O-Lene." It's a toddler-sized trampoline/bounce house/demolition derby ring where the guys can get their ya-yas out with gusto. To wit, the following video! Good times abound!

[The vid finishes with a duet of sorts between me and Finn, singing our custom version of Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak." We sing about a "stroob (strawberry) break," where in "The dad & Finn & little G-Man are gonna run around." --J.]

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  1. Yay!
    Do you guys also scream “Geronimo!” while… falling? Amazing! I thought you might say “Hieronimous”? or Gerry?
    They look so happy.

    Are you familiar with “Toby” the tram engine? It happens to be Bruno’s absolute favorite.


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