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“Super Dizzying”

Okay, I have to admit two things up front:

  • One, this video could easily appear in a collection called "Portraits in Unwatchability" or "Experiments in Motion Sickness."
  • Two, despite all the spinning, not all that much really happens.

So, you can't say you weren't warned. 😉 The other night we took advantage of some (rare) clear weather & took the lads to San Jose's Christmas in the Park, a little set of carnival rides & holiday displays. The guys remain too little for ferris wheel rides, giving Finn a chance to practice his "glower" face, but we had a good time on some carousels, "bumpy cars," and the spinning ballon-car ride you see here. Hen was a cool customer as usual, and Finn did well until then end when, Margot reports, he remarked "I hope it'll be stopping soon!"

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