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Last week I took Finny to the optometrist for his first eye exam. He didn't seem to see so well when the nurse at the pediatrician's office tested him, so they recommended that we see an eye doctor to get a full assessment.

I decided to take Finny to my eye doc, Dr. Feldman. My friend Tara took her twins there and said they did fine, and Dr. Feldman's got 4 kids of his own, so I figured Finny would do well, too. I spent some time talking to Finny a few days in advance about why we were going, what he could expect, and why we needed to get the exam done. I told him about Dr. Feldman's office, the fact that he's my doctor too, and the sorts of things Dr. Feldman would be asking him to do (shining little lights in his eyes, making him look at shapes and letters, stuff like that.)

Once we were at the doctor's office, Finny was very calm and composed. He followed all Dr. Feldman's instructions, answered all his questions, and was even quite chatty with the doc. It was really cute to watch him in action--telling Dr. Feldman about the toy trucks he brought, the hat he was wearing, and what we might have for lunch after the exam.

We met Dad-o for lunch at the deli across the plaza from Dr. Feldman's office, and while we waited, Finny and I debriefed on the whole experience. I asked him what he thought of the little flashlights, the computer, colors and shapes. Finny explained that his favorite part was, and I quote:  "when Feldman asked me to pinch the little animals on the page." (Which was a cool 3-D vision test to find out if his eyes are working well in tandem, complete with 3-D glasses!). I loved that he referred to the doc as "Feldman", like they've played basketball together at the gym for years! Sometimes I swear he is 3 going on 30. (Happily, his eyesight is also fine, by the way.)

I also love that out of all the toys in the doctor's post-exam "toybox", Finny went straight for the goofy green groucho glasses. The kid's got a real appreciation for prop-based comedy!

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  1. Awesome news that his eyesight checked out!
    …and you know next time I’m in the office, I’m calling him Feldman and asking him about his knee.

  2. “Feldman”! That is too funny! I can totally hear him… I’m glad it went well and that the Finnyvision is a-ok

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