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Transient Witticisms (Finn edition)

We enjoy using Twitter to capture fun little bits involving the boys. We used to put tweets alongside the blog, but a few months ago we hit a technical glitch I haven’t been able to resolve. Therefore I thought I’d pull together some good recent bits from the Finnster (Henry to follow!).

  • Meat-loving Finn, learning of Dirt Devil vacuums, reports, “I’m a Bacon Devil! I like to suck up bacon!!”
  • I taught Finn about deodorant this morning. “Is it Dennis the Mennen?” he asks.
  • Safety First: From his Cozy Coupe Finn announces, “I’m locking the door so no bad dudes named Henry get in!”
  • Food:
    • Finn’s turned “Edna St. Vincent Millay” into “Edna Wasabi Sushi Magoo.” #poetaster
    • Beyonce perplexes Finn: “What are ‘Almond Single Ladies?'”
    • Came across Finn dropping yellow & black sawhorse beams into toilet paper tubes. “I’m making a good soup of bananas & chocolate” he reports.
    • We’ve somehow made a 3-year-old who loves, and asks for, “artisanal bread.” Oh my.
  • Baseball:
    • We’re at the SJ Giants game (Finn’s first ballgame!). “Are they part of They Might Be Giants?” he asks.
    • A ballgame stunt involved chipping golf balls into a kiddie pool. Relaying this to Mom later Finn said “They were using a cat pool!” (“kiddie”->”kitty”)
  • “I’m drawing you an American Eagle,” Finn reports. “Is the ‘FUselage’ where the FUel goes?” (Yes, my proto-plane nerd, yes!)
  • Baño:
    • Finn, with a fistful of pull-up, says, “Stay down, regular pants: I’ll pull you up in a minute.”
    • He’s started using the epithet “You *shy bladder*!” to yell at things. (I’m already saving for therapy.)
    • “This is a broken-down BMW,” announces Finn, disassembling a toy car. “Now it’s a BM!!”
    • “Someone’s strummin’ on the old baño!” announces Finn. Fiddle-ee-i-oh!
  • Casually filling a garbage bag with his belongings, Finn announces, “I like living in boxcars. I’m a hobo!”
  • As Finn tucked my iPhone under his blanket tonight, I heard him whisper, “Shh, I love you…

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