Babyslang Transient Witticisms

Transient Witticisms (Henry edition)

Not to be left out, G-Man’s contributed some fun bits lately:

  • Language:
    • Henry has taken to answering yes-or-no questions (e.g. “Do you want a snack, yes or no?”) with “Yes or no!”
    • Unfamiliar with shorts, Henry tugs desperately at his hems: “Close down… my pants!!”
    • Henry greeted me rubbing his face: “Seagull… broke my eyeball.” And later: “I’m a goofy ball!” (meaning goofball).
    • “Dad-O may you sit with you, Dad-O?” asks Henry. Quasi-palindromes from a tiny man.
    • A toddler + the word “actually” = A parent-correcting bonanza. (“Watch out for the car, Henry,” I say. “*Jeep*, actually,” he replies.)
  • Henry munches a brown M&M, eyeing the bag’s wooden shelf: “How bout… orange one? Cut it down… from the tree!”  (We’ve consequently dubbed the shelf “The Tree.”)
  • As I’m changing Henry’s diaper, he grabs my passport, shoves it between his toes, and says, “Readin’ the Dad-O book!”
  • Henry sees me shirtless post-workout & runs screaming “No, no!” He later asks, “Dad-O go to Pilates?” Dang, boy, I can take a hint…
  • Apple might describe the little guy’s slap-footed form of locomotion as “I Pad, Shuffle.”

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