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Transient Witticisms (Henry Vol. 2)

We keep collecting random Micronaxx bits via Twitter, and I realize I haven’t shared any in months. Here, then, is a sample set from the G-Man:

  • On Being Dr. No:
    • Henry’s taken to disagreeing with everything, to the point CoCo calls him “Mr. NoNo.”  “I’m not Mr. NoNo!” he insists.  (See?)
    • Hen contradicts everyone–even the Beatles:
      • John Lennon: “Nothing is real..”
      • Henry Nack: “It is real! (What’s the strawberry dude singing about?”)
    • “You’re a nice little boy, Henry,” says Margot. “I’m not a little boy,” he replies, “I’m a small man!”
    • Turns out 2-year-olds don’t really “get” rhetorical questions. “Want to get dressed or just fight me all day?” I ask Henry. “Fight you all day!”
  • Treats:
    • “This is my snack,” announces Henry, brandishing his wet finger. “May you eat this snack, Dad-O?”
    • Having been told we have options for dinner, Henry emerges from the pantry holding up Mac & Cheese: “I would like to eat these options!”
    • The other day we were watching WALL-E with the lads. WALL-E cuts open an old fridge. “It has cheesy milk in it?” asks Henry.
    • Our pizza-loving kids? “Crustifarians.”
  • El Baño:
    • Spanish immersion is paying off: Henry announced this morning, “I did mucho pee-pee at preschool!”
    • Henry denies needing a new diaper. Me: “You’ve got something brown.” H: “It’s not brown!” Me: “What color is it?” H: (pause) “It’s not green..!”
    • “I’m not peeing on your leg,” announces Henry. “I peed on the rug last night… It was awesome!*”

*I learned later that Margot had responded to the peeing with a sarcastic, “Oh, that’s awesome.”

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