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Transient Witticisms (Finn Vol. 2)

Good times over the last few months with the big guy:
  • Mondegreens:
    • Finn eyes a raspberry. “Is it part of a bear?” “A bear? Er, no–‘berry,’ not ‘bear.'” “But is it buried??” (Verbatim, I swear.)
    • Sushi restaurant Finnyisms: “I see a Possum-lady fan.” [oscillating fan] “I’d like a Spider-Man roll.”
    • Parmesan cheese -> “Farmer John cheese.”
    • “I’m a robin, Dad-O.” “Oh, you’re a bird?” “No, we’re bad dudes, robbin’ you!!”
    • I explained minivans to Finn. “You mean like a mouse van?” he asked. It took me a while to make the “Minnie” Mouse connection!
    • “Dad-O, if a we had a monkey who liked chips, he’d be a chip-monk!” Right on, little guy.
  • Transportation:
    • “What is ‘U-tah?'” asks Finn. “Is it a big truck you can rent?”
    • Margot: “…but it’s a freeway, so…” Finn: “What’s a ‘Butt Freeway’??” Ah, he’ll be so let down. (Me too, kinda.)
  • Language:
    • “After the bizarre poodle incident,” Finn tells me in bed, “the results were usually disastrous.” (Your guess is as good as mine!)
    • “Bizarre”: Great word to teach a kid, or GREATEST word? “I’m a bizarre chicken, Dad-O! And you’re a bizarre Dad-O!”

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I did figure out that the “poodle incident” comment was verbatim from “Those Darn Squirrels and the Cat Next Door.”

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