Transient Witticisms

Transient Witticisms: Fun with Food

  • “What’s inside an avocado, Dad-O?,” wonders Finn.
    “Well, there’s a pit…” I begin.
    “Yeah,” he adds, “and guacamole!!”
  • Thoughtful 2yo Henry, returning from a 9am grocery store run: “Dad-O may you drink some beer, please?”
    NOW it’s a Christmas break.
  • Marching off to grab my beverage, 2yo Henry gleefully announces, “Coke is SPICY, for NOT ME!!”
  • Tonight’s culinary innovation: “Kid on the Cob.” Req. tender thigh of tot, aged 2-3 yrs. Serves large helpings of hilarity, family-style.
  • Margot to Finn on Saturday morning: “Want a corn dog, hon?”
    Finn: “No, I only eat corn dogs on the weekend.”
  • Having learned about farm implements in Galena, Finn asks me, “Is there a big blade in our tummies to mix up the food?”
  • Surprise: your keyboard includes an “ice cream cone” key. This according to 2yo Henry (viewing Volume Up sideways).
  • Finn’s parting comment to Margot as she tucked him in: “I assume there will be breakfast in the morning?” 😀

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