BBQ Crew

The parenting racket can, on occasion, be a bit lonely: It’s hard to be spontaneous, to go places, to catch up with friends. Every so often, though, it’s great to remember that we’ve got some great friends and, hey, they can come over!

Yesterday we took advantage of the perfect weather to host a little backyard shindig featuring Margot “The Thrill on the Grill” Nack’s expert BBQ stylings & a variety of treats (guacamole, cobbler, and more) from visiting pals. The small fry ran around like crazy, tiring themselves out pretty completely (see the last photo in our little gallery for proof from Finn). Who knows, we just might have to make a habit of this. 🙂

One reply on “BBQ Crew”

Great times, great photos. And the one of you above, sans live headpiece, is so, well, ballroom-fabulous! Just imagine sparkly plumage in place of li’l G. Oh, the possibilities!!!:)

[Hah! Would it look like this? 😉 –J.]

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