Date Night

When Yvonne (our new nanny) and the guys got home from the park this afternoon, she told John and me that Finny told her he was planning on finding a wife, and would therefore need some “date nights.” She mentioned that he might want to start out by first finding a girlfriend.¬†When I was chatting with Finny one-on-one a few minutes later, I asked him about his date night idea:

M: “Yvonne tells me that you need a date night.”

F: “Yeah, but first I need a girlfriend.”

M: “Oh, you do? Where will you find one?”

F: “I’ll look for one on my computer when I get older.”

M: “Oh, ok, that sounds like a good idea. In the meantime, maybe you could find one at school?”

F: “Well, I like Jordan, but she’s big and going to kindergarten, so she won’t be at school anymore.”

M: “Oh, I see. Well, what about Cosita [a 3-year-old at school]?”

F: {furrows brow, looks at me skeptically.}

M: “Oh, too small?”

F: “Yeah, too small.”

M: “Well, when you find one, where will you take her on a date?”

F: “To see a movie. I would like that.”

And so we have a plan for Finny’s first date night.

[Finn tells me, “I’m going to name my wife ‘Off-Of-It.'” When pressed as to why, he tells me, “Well, she’s always going off of things.” Go figure! ;-p See also from last year, “The Marrying Men.” –J.]

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