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Colorado Day 1: Loopy for Trains

Dropping by the Tehachapi Loop (“the Eight Wonder of the railroading world”) last year en route to Colorado was a highlight of the journey and one of Henry’s greatest railfanning experiences ever—which is really saying something!

So, this year we planned our first overnight in the cute little railroad town of Tehachapi, and while Margot and Finn chilled out with Seamus, Hen & I set out for some sunset trainspotting. We were thrilled to see multiple trains passing each other & looping over one another via the corkscrew tracks.


Henry worked my big cam (check out his gallery of shots) while I flew overhead via my drone. Here’s the fun video we just cut together, featuring a “Big Train” soundtrack by the great Wynton Marsalis & friends:

And here you can click and drag to explore the site from overhead:

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