Colorado 2021 Photos

Day 4: NV to AZ

Take ‘er away, Henry:

We left Las Vegas and headed through the Mojave to Kingman, and along the way we kept seeing billboards for “Gus’s Beef Jerky” and various junkyards. When we actually got to Gus’s the sign looked like this:

We also saw an old bombed-out pizzeria, where it looked like the “ia” fell/melted off, so it just said “Pizzer!”

When we arrived in Kingman we looked at the steamie in the park, and then we crossed the street and went to the visitors’ center/Route 66 museum. In the museum they had lots of cool stuff, like a neon Mobil pegasus where the wings moved. On the ground floor they had a really interesting documentary all about all of Arizona’s 66 towns. They also had an electric car museum from which I saw two BNSF trains go by each other.

When Dad & I left, Finn came running out with Seamy, because we didn’t know they were inside. He told us how he was in the gift shop for 45 minutes, watching the same video about “The Route 66 Kid” over and over again!

We then crossed the street and ate at Mr. D’z 50’s diner. When we got back to the van, I nearly died from choking on a mint, and Dad forgot to pay, so he had to run back. Soon after we drove down Kingman’s bit of 66 and saw their train station.

Next, we started on our drive to Flagstaff. We drove through the historic towns of Seligman & Williams. On the way through Williams we saw several old Santa Fe cabeese.

Soon we arrived at Flagstaff, and Dad, Mom, and I went to the pioneer museum and saw their steam locomotive and caboose #999455. Next, we drove downtown and visited the sticker shop. We went back to the room and ate Little Caesar’s pizza.

Here’s a gallery from the day.

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