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Day 6: Petroglyphs, Dunes, and Camels, Oh My!

Hen-speare, do your thing:

After Gallup we drove over the Continental Divide to Albuquerque. In the morning we went on a hike to see 400 ancient petroglyphs. Mom and I sang the “No bug song” because I was freaking out about all the huge millipedes and beetles.

Soon thereafter we drove to Santa Fe, where we look at Rail Runner trains, age Chicago hot dogs, and walked around. We also looked at their beautifully painted caboose.

After Santa Fe we drove past the Cumbres and Toltec RR on our way to the Great Sand Dunes, where I got some great Lego pics.

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Henry continues,

This is where my legs started getting itchy, exactly one year after they did in Arches. We then ate in Alamosa, at an incredibly good microbrew pub. I got a Philly cheesesteak (my first ever!).

We then drove to where we were staying—a yurt with a camel pasture! We even got to go up and pet the camels and burros.

To say that these accommodations where unique and memorable would be an understatement—especially when this 1,500-pound guy made a fast run at us!

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