Colorado 2021 Photos

Day 7: Butte-iful Times

Henry writes,

We left the yurt camels & drove back to Alamosa. There Dad & I looked at some F and E-unit locomotives bound for scrap, and some great passenger cars that had been sold. My legs got super inflamed again. 😕

Next, we drove through some farmland, and then some mountains/buttes/trees-y mesas. We stopped at a gas station where I changed pants. We drove through Gunnison, past “Henry’s TV” to Crested Butte where we parked by a cafe 100% covered in old license plates.

When we turned the corner, we ran into Hazel Wiggin, who recommended Secret Stash pizza, where we later hung out with the Wiggins. We went across the street, got some shirts, and then drove to the soccer field, where we shot goals with Seamy and the Wiggins.

After having dinner with the Wiggii and their friends, we stayed at the KOA campground in Gunnison, which featured an old Ford-FMC fire truck. There were so many mosquitoes it was almost comical!

And right on schedule, here’s our gallery from the day. 😌

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