Henry’s Homecoming, volume 1

…And so the late-night blogging returns. 🙂
Here we are at H+110–a hundred and ten hours into the life of our new little guy (not that I’m counting!). I just had the honor of holding Henry on my lap for the past four hours as he slept, and now he’s enjoying a midnight snack courtesy of Mom-O. We’ve decided to try having me sleep downstairs, the better to get some rest & thus preserve energy for Finn-management.
We’re having a wonderful time so far with the H-man (or G-man, as we & especially Finn alternate with the “Goonie” nomenclature). I have to say, Margot is being a total rock star, holding up marvelously with the return to sleep deprivation. I feel somewhat guilty, not being able to do as much directly with the new guy. For my part I try to provide her with worry-free Squirrel-wrangling, and he and I plan to check out lots of little kid gatherings while I’m on leave.
Finny, meanwhile, regards Henry with passing interest, getting keyed up only when I spend time with the little guy. He’s perfectly content to regard mother & brother as one entity (“Mom-O-Goonie”).
I find I’m (predictably) running out of steam at the moment, so without further ado here are a few photos (HTML) of the family at home–including our first family dinner where Henry doubles as both guest & table setting. 😉 Lots more is in the queue, including images showing a visit from our pals Tom, Sarah, Bryan, Alex, and their tots.

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