You know you’re a geeky couple…

…when you arrange for one of you to call the other on his cell phone–while in the house–in case of needed baby-assistance. 🙂
I cannot overstate what an amazing job Margot (let’s call her Cool Hand Peanut*) is doing with little Henry. In order to let me save up strength for nonstop daytime Finn patrols, we’ve agreed to have me sleep downstairs in the TV room, out of earshot of the little guy’s nighttime cries. I’m more than happy to pop up and assist if needed, so we’ve arranged to have Margot call my cellphone as necessary. It’s kind of absurd, we know, but as they say, “Whatever gets you through the night/It’s alright, it’s alright…” 🙂
* Incidentally, human parrot Finn overheard me call out to “Peanut” the other day, and now he seems to relish saying, “Mom-O! Peanut!” That’s my boy.

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