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Acampar Con Mi Mejor Amiga

This weekend marked our first camping trip of the season – and unlike last last summer’s all-dude foray, all four of us went. We even got ourselves our own tent and sleeping bags (last year we borrowed everything). This trip was with a bunch of families from our preschool, Pasitos, so the guys were surrounded by their school amigos, and we got to know some of the parents a little better.

The boys had been anticipating the camping trip for weeks & were ready to hit the road as soon as they woke up Saturday morning. They couldn’t wait to sleep in the tent, have a campfire, and make s’mores. And our Finny couldn’t wait to hang out with his best friend Magdalena. He reported that Magdalena’s family had a huge tent so there would be plenty of room for him to sleep in there with them, and that he and Magdalena had already worked out the details.

When we arrived on Saturday morning, we were just in time to join the gang on an easy hike in the woods. We were surrounded by huge, beautiful redwoods, steep ravines, and a clear blue sky. We encountered five banana slugs, saw (and ate) teeny tiny wild strawberries, and saw some neat hollowed out redwood stumps that looked like little houses. Finny and Magdalena held hands for almost the entire mile-long hike – Magdalena tugging Finny along when she wanted to get up to the head of the pack. Finny even dubbed Magdalena’s dad, David, the “hike chief” since he was the one leading the way.

The boys spent rest of the afternoon running around the campground and playing with their buddies, and helping us get our tent and sleeping bags set up – right next to Magdalena’s, of course. They also participated in a little scavenger hunt with Dad-o (find a spiky plant, touch some rotting wood, listen for a bird). In the evening, there was a cookout, a campfire, and s’mores.

We cleared the Finny/Magdalena sleepover with Magdalena’s parents, and all the kids got in their PJs. David read the kids a story in their tent, then they all came to our tent where John entertained them with some campground T.A.L.B. And to top it off, Finny offered to let Magdalena sleep with Leo! Now that is a true act of friendship. She did indeed sleep with the #1 buddy, while Finny slept with Big Lion, Cuddly Buddy, and the Leomarans. Hen slept in our tent. After some best friend chittychat, everyone fell asleep.

This morning, Finn and Magdalena woke up and totally entertained each other for quite awhile before the rest of us were ready to wake up. The two of them were pretty inseparable the entire time – it was totally adorable. Finny was actually really broken up about leaving the campsite today and missing his best friend (even though he will see her at school tomorrow!) – already asking when we can have her over for a playdate or go camping with her family again. This is the first really good buddy Finny has ever had – and he is already talking about how much he’ll miss her when kindergarten starts next fall (she is going to a different school). It was really fun to see the guys enjoy camping so much, and to see Finny hang out with his best buddy.

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