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Throwback Thursday: The Battle for Dad-O’s Face

If there's one thing I've taught my sons, it's respect for their elders. šŸ˜‰



School’s Out!

Summer's officially here at last, and the Micronaxx are thrilled! Margot & I were able to catch Henry's kindergarten graduation ceremony on Thursday, enjoying some cupcakes & a mini concert (stay tuned for videos). Meanwhile check out our man celebrating.




T-Ball Boogie

Who's got four thumbs and loves their T-ball trophies? These guuuuuys. :-)



Bros Behold Lowe’s

Awesome parenting technique:

  • Take dudes to In-n-Out Burger.
  • Take their calorie-amped little bods to Lowe's to burn off energy.
  • Delight them by buying four bucks' worth of "treats" (e.g. paint funnel, bucket).

Witness the results!

"Punch it, Dad-O!"


"Watch That Child"? I'd rather not. :-p


Portrait of Hannibal Lecter as a Young Man.


No tears in a bucket...



School-sanctioned Mothers Day Goofiness

This is what happens when your first grader's classĀ invites moms to come in for a Mother's Day breakfast & pictures. :-)



Spring Carnival @ Google

Yesterday I sprung the guys a bit early from school so that they could enjoy Google's spring carnival, an outing full of bouncy houses, carnival rides, and free food. In this little gallery you can see them going head-to-head on a bungee-cord race & sliding down the "Epic Journey," plus Henry "defeating" my teammate Clement on the blow-up obstacle course.


Here's a quick video of the shenanigans:

After the festivities, the guys swung by my office to visit their kid-app-making pals in the Imaginarium. Even though the kids' lab was locked, Henry made an immediate bee line & squeezed in through a hole in the wall! Later he left a little message to Googlers: "Hola, nerds." :-)



Storytime with Grandma

The boys delighted in doing tons of reading with Grandma Nack during her visit last week, chewing through all of How to Eat Fried Worms plus big chunks of other books. Here's a glimpse of them cackling at some Frog & Toad:



When life gives you snow…

...make a snowman. That's what our G-Man did during our snow-extended stay in Leadville. Special thanks go to Auntie Laura for furnishing the great snowman-decorating kit! I'm just a tad surprised that the boys didn't fashion a gory snow-scene after enjoying similar ones in Calvin & Hobbes. šŸ˜› Here's a handful of pics.



The Hen from Snowy River

Snowy Hen

Hen Angel


Vanilla Icicle

Frozen Finny rawks out with the giant icicles he pried from Leadville eaves:

Snow Guitar


Today’s Tom Sawyer

Amidst our snowy explorations on Thursday, Margot & I took Henry out for a restorative donut. While chowing down he noticed a lady shoveling out front. Luckily I caught his expression of bonkers delight the moment I suggested that he could join her. (Here's the tiny gallery.) Back on went the boots & out he went. I told the owner that like Tom Sawyer's friends whitewashing his fence, Henry would likely pay her for the chore privilege!

As it happens the bakery sits adjacent to the town newspaper, and upon hearing our story (San Jose Shorty Slings Snow?), the editor said that she might find a way to feature Henry in print. Stay tuned for the late edition!



A Tale of Two Leadvilles

What a difference two days & two blocks can make! Click & drag each image below to look around Main Street. (You can click the "View on Google Maps" link on each to see a bigger version.)


Leadvillans 2015

We arrived in Leadville yesterday to find amazingly warm weather yet enough patches of snow to keep the guys constantly entertained. In this gallery you can see them drawing with Grandma, firing snowballs at me & Grandpa, enjoying some root beer floats, and horsing around in rusty old mining equipment ("I didn't get lockjaw!!" declares Henry with great pride :-) ).



The Cat in the Hat

Finn's been reading up a storm lately, and the other day I heard him, Margot, and Henry cackling as he blazed through an out-loud reading of The Cat In The Hat. Naturally as soon as I tried to take a video he clammed up & they boys started clowning around, but I was able to capture a few shots of the proceedings.

Cat In Th eHat


Throwback Thursday: Boating Lake Tahoe

I never quite got around to posting this footage last summer after we enjoyed a thrilling ride in a vintage powerboat own by our friend Pauline's friend John. Now, courtesy of the video-making technology I've been working on at Google, here's a brief peek at Micronaxx on the waves:


Throwback Tuesday: Hearts Aflutter

From the days when El Finnster didn't fight off a good smooch. :-)




Glug glug glug glug. ā€” Son #1 :-)



Leprechaun Traps!


In advance of St. Paddy's day today, the boys explained that they wanted to try and trap some leprechauns. This is not something John or I had done as kids, but apparently building leprechaun traps is a new practice for kids these days.

Finn explained how the traps were supposed to work, and we did some online research to see examples before we started building our own.Ā Critical trap components include Lucky Charms, which Dad-O & Henry ranĀ outĀ to get, fake rainbows, clouds, and of course, the trap. Ā Finn and I stayed home during the bait run to devise cereal bowl and Lego-based traps. You'll see in the gallery what we came up with - paper rainbow entrances with Lucky Charms and fake cotton ball "clouds" to lureĀ the leprechauns into leaving gold at the end of each rainbow, before the cereal bowl trap fell onto them.

We set the traps out on the back steps before bedtime and listened for suspicious rustling on the back porch. John thinks he might've heard something but was too sleepy to go out and check. This morning, as soon as the boys awoke, the first words out of Henry's mouth were:Ā "Dad-O, could you shut off the burglar alarm so we can go out & see whether we captured any?"

Lo and behold, our traps worked! Well, partially... Although the little bootprints left at the scene indicated the leprechauns eventually escaped, they did leave a pile of gold coins (old Mexican pesos), and chocolate coins under each trap. The boys were ecstatic! Henry exclaimed "Now I know that leprechauns are REAL!"


Ancient Hibernian Greetings

Erin Go Bragh, 2009-style! :-) (See previous St. Paddy's images & videos.)



These are your folks. These are your folks on a moped.

What happens when the Micronaxx take some Macronaxx to the Children's Discovery Museum for some celebrations of the lunar new year? Why, a little trip through Saigon, of course. (More pics to come soon, I hope.)